Day 1

講題 Subject 主講人 Speaker 主持人 Chairperson
08:30~09:00 報到 Registration
09:00~09:05 開幕致詞 / 黃世建 主任
Opening Address by Prof. Shyh-Jiann Hwang, Director of NCREE
張國鎮 教授
09:05~09:25 Dynamic Behavior of Vehicles Running on a Bridge during an Earthquake Prof. Junji KIYONO
Professor of Kyoto University
09:25~09:45 Experimental Study of the First Precast and Prestressed UHPFRC Segmental Box-Girder Bridge in Taiwan 廖文正 教授
Professor Wen-Cheng LIAO, NTU
09:45~10:05 Model Updating Embeded Drive-by Bridge Inspection Prof. Chul-Woo KIM
Professor of Kyoto University
10:05~10:25 Study on the Application of Smart Aggregates for the Crack Detection on Earthquake-Damaged RC Columns 邱建國 教授
Prof. Chien-Kuo CHIU, NTUST
10:25~10:50 貴賓合影留念 Group Photos / 茶敘交流 Coffee Break
10:50~11:10 Rapid Repair Technique of Corroded Light Pole by Thermosetting Carbon Fiber Prepreg Sheets Wrapping Prof. Masahide MATSUMURA
Associate Professor of Kyoto University
Prof. Junji KIYONO?
Professor of? Kyoto University
11:10~11:30 Experimental Verification of a Real-time Scour Monitoring System for Bridge Safety Evaluation 林子剛 教授
Professor Tzu-Kang LIN, NCTU
11:30~11:50 Numerical Investigation of Welded Lean Duplex Stainless Steel Flexural Members Prof. Takao MIYOSHI
Associate Professor of Akashi National College of Technology
11:50~12:10 Experimental and Analytical Study on the Seismic Performance of Bridge with Scoured Pile Foundation 劉光晏 教授
Prof. Kuang-Yen LIU, NCKU
12:10~13:30 午餐 Lunch
13:30~13:50 Effect of Fatigue Life Extension of Cracked Welded Joint with Patch Plate Prof. Risa MATSUMOTO
Assitant Professor of Kyoto University
宋裕祺 教授
Prof. Yu-Chi SUNG, NTUT
13:50~14:10 Ensemble Size Effect on Design Wind Load Estimation Based on Wind Tunnel Test 羅元隆 教授
Professor Yuan-Lung LO, TKU
14:10~14:30 An ABAQUS-MATLAB Integrated Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Vehicle–Bridge Interactive System under Strong Earthquakes Dr. Kai-Chun CHANG
Lecture of Kyoto University
14:30~14:50 An Innovative Analysis of SDOF Dynamic Structural Response Considering Soil-Structure Interaction by Foundation-soil Impedance Function 陳介程 先生、宋裕祺 教授
Mr. Chieh-Cheng CHEN, Ph.D. Student of NTUT
、Professor Yu-Chi SUNG, NTUT
14:50~15:10 Experimental Study on Fatigue Crack Countermeasures of Steel by Bonding CFRP Plate Mr. Manabu TAKEMURA
Engineer of SHO-BOND Corporation
15:10~15:30 茶敘交流 Coffee Break
15:30~15:50 An Experimental Study of a Steel Moment Frame Equipped with Viscous Dampers Subjected to Pulse-Like Shaking 黃尹男 教授
Professor Yin-Nan HUANG, NTU
Prof. Takashi YAMAGUCHI
Professor of Osaka City University
15:50~16:10 Study on Emergency Temporary Bridge by Using Construction Girder Mr. Yuma SUGIMOTO
Ph.D. Student of Osaka City University
16:10~16:30 Estimation of extreme near-field seismic demand on an isolated highway bridge with LRB 蔡孟豪 教授
Professor Meng-Hao TSAI, NPUST
16:30~16:50 Proposal of Stress Measurement Technique with Infrared Camera for Steel Bridges Mr. Yasumoto AOKI
Engineer of Hanshin Expressway Company
16:50~17:10 Capacity-Based Inelastic Displacement Spectrum for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns 王炳雄 博士
Dr. Ping-Hsiung WANG, NCREE

Day 2

講題 Subject 主講人 Speaker 主持人 Chairperson
09:00~09:20 Reconnaissance Observation on Bridge Damage Caused by the 0206 Hualien earthquake 洪曉慧 博士
Dr. Hsiao-Hui HUNG, NCREE
Professor of Kyoto University
09:20~09:40 The Application of High Speed Camera for Localized Inspection of Steel Plated Structure Dr. Sakhiah ABDUL KUDUS
Post Dr. of? Kyoto University
09:40~10:00 Feasibility Study of Estimating PCI Beam Stiffness Using Free Vibration Testing Dr. Marco Bonopera
Post Dr. and Researcher of NCREE
10:00~10:20 Statistical Evaluation of FRP Members based on Material Testing Mr. Gen HAYASHI
Ph.D. Student of? Kyoto University
10:20~10:40 茶敘交流 Coffee Break
10:40~11:00 Mitigation of Residual Displacements of RC Bridge Columns by Partially Unbonded High-Strength Steel Strands 歐昱辰 教授
Prof. Yu-Chen OU, NTU
歐昱辰 教授
Prof. Yu-Chen OU, NTU
11:00~11:20 A Bayesian Bridge Damage Detection Dr. Yoshinao GOI
Post Dr. of? Kyoto University
11:20~11:40 Real-time System Development for Bridge Scour 林詠彬 博士
Dr. Yung-Bin LIN, NCREE
11:40~12:00 綜合討論 Discussion and Conclusions

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