For high school and postgraduate teams: Each school is limited to register no more than TWO teams.

For undergraduate teams: Each school can register at most TWO teams, but ONLY ONE team can be guaranteed to be able to join the competition. Whether the other team can be selected to join the competition depends on the numbers of total registrations (limited to 42 maximum); the results will be announced in the beginning of August, 2017.

However, the undergraduate teams that are not selected to join the competition are welcome to participate as OBSERVERS. The OBSERVER is also entitled to NCREE’s local hospitality of free 5-night hotel accommodation (breakfast included) and local transportation (NOT including the transportation back to the airport) during 19-23 September, 2017. Please note that an observer team is prohibited from taking part in model making, testing and engaging in any activities that may affect the fairness of the competition.

The deadline for registration is July 19, 2017.

Enter the online registration system.

 Name  Miss Zoey Huang
 Phone  +886-2-6630-0810
 Address  200, Sec. 3, Xinhai Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

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