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  • The proceedings has been published online. (2010/5/24)
  • Photos added. (2010/5/11)
  • Proceedings added. (2010/5/5)
  • Program updated. (2010/5/4)
  • Position papers added in the Downloads section. (2010/4/30)
  • The file of "Keynote Speech: Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern" updated. (2010/4/30)
  • The list of committee members updated. (2010/4/30)
  • The detailed program updated and added in Downloads section. (2010/4/28)
  • Biographies and abstracts of both Prof. Michael F. Goodchild and William L. Carwile III added in Downloads section. (2010/4/26)
  • Position papers of US delegations added in Downloads section. (2010/4/26)
  • Biographies of US delegations added in Downloads section. (2010/4/26)
  • Abstract of Dr. Jenn-Chuan Chern added in Downloads section. (2010/4/22)

US-Taiwan Workshop on the Advancement of Societal Responses to Mega-Disasters Afflicting Mega-Cities

May 6-8, 2010

New Civil Engineering Building of National Taiwan University & NCREE

National Science Council
National Science Foundation

Department of Civil Engineering, NTU
National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering
Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute
Disaster Management Society of Taiwan
National Science & Technology for Disaster Reduction

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