Qualification of Applicants

Qualification of Applicants
    The applicants must not have attended this international training program before, and are preferred to be researchers, government officials, or senior practical engineers who are specialized in seismic design.

Application Process
    You can fill the application form online after your registration. Your application will be carefully reviewed. If your application is accepted, ITP2012 will send you a notification of acceptance and an invitation letter. Online applications are due on August 31, 2012

ITP2012 will send you a confirmation e-mail after you successfully register. If you do not received this e-mail a couple days after your registration, please contact us.
2. Please check your e-mail frequently. E-mail will be the major medium for communication of ITP2012.

    Accepted participants of ITP2012 might have to apply for a visitor visa. Please contact the embassy or the economic and cultural office of ROC (
Taiwan) in your country, or visit the website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan) (http://www.boca.gov.tw/mp?mp=2) for requirements and other details.

Flight Fee and Accommodation
    The flight fee, the accommodation fee, and the meals during the ITP2012 of each accepted participant will be sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation, National Science Council, ROC (
Taiwan). The accommodation and meals will be arranged by ITP2012. A 6-night single-room accommodation will be arranged for each accepted participant in Howard International (http://intl-house.howard-hotels.com/?Lsn=2). If one wants to advance the room-type or extend the date, he or she has to pay the extra fee. The rate is about 60 USD per night for a single room. The flight should be arranged on each accepted participant's own and will be reimbursed at the end of the training program. The reimbustment of flight fee only covers an economic class round-trip ticket from one's country to Taipei, and there are upper bounds. Nevertheless, our experiences tell us the flight fee is mostly lower than the upper bounds. We will inform each accepted participant about the upper bound when we send the notification of acceptance.

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