MON October 17 (Day 1)
Session# Time Program Chairman
- 09:00~09:10 Opening Ceremony Honorable Guest
- 09:10~09:40 Group Pictured
A1-1 09:40~10:15 Recent Research Activities at National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) Prof. K.C. Chang, Director, NCREE
B1 10:15~10:30 Coffee Break
V1 10:30~11:30 Tour of NCREE Laboratory Facilities Dr. P.C. Chen /
Dr. K.J. Wang
A1-2 11:30~12:30 Earthquake Engineering Research and Practice in Participated Countries: Part1 Dr. C.L. Wu
L1 12:30~13:30 Lunch Break
P1-3 13:30~14:30 Earthquake Engineering Research and Practice in Participated Countries: Part2 Dr. C.L. Wu
- 14:30~14:50 Coffee Break
P1-4 14:50~15:50 Earthquake Engineering Research and Practice in Participated Countries: Part3
B2 15:50~16:10 Coffee Break
P1-5 16:10~17:30 Earthquake Engineering Research and Practice in Participated Countries: Part4


TUE October 18 (Day 2)
Session# Time Program Speaker Chairman
A2-1 09:00~10:00 Seismic Observations and Hazard Analysis in Taiwan Prof. K.L. Wen Prof. K.L. Wen
B3 10:00~10:15 Coffee Break
A2-2 10:15~11:15 Investigation for Seismic Site Conditions in Taiwan Dr. C.H. Kuo
- 11:15~11:30 Coffee Break
A2-3 11:30~12:30 Fundamental Theory of Structural Dynamics Prof. T.K. Lin
L2 12:30~13:30 Lunch Break
P2-4 13:30~14:30 Seismic Design Force for Building in Taiwan Dr. Y.T. Weng Dr. J.L. Lin
- 14:30~14:45 Coffee Break
P2-5 14:45~15:45 Design Procedure of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Taiwan Dr. F.P. Hsiao
B4 15:45~16:00 Coffee Break
P2-6 16:00~17:00 Seismic Design Procedure of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Building Structures in Taiwan Dr. K.C. Lin


WED October 19 (Day 3)
Session# Time Program Speaker Chairman
A3-1 09:00~10:00 Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings by Using the Pushover Analysis Approach Dr. J.L. Lin Dr. J.L. Lin
B5 10:00~10:15 Coffee Break
A3-2 10:15~11:15 Seismic Retrofit of Typical Low-Rise RC School Buildings in Taiwan Dr. T. C. Chiou
- 11:15~11:30 Coffee Break
A3-3 11:30~12:30 Seismic Design and Qualification Testing of Nonstructural Components Ms. F.R. Lin Dr. J.F. Chai
L3 12:30~13:30 Lunch Break
P3-4 13:30~14:30 Seismic Design for Bridges in Taiwan Dr. H.H. Hung Prof. Y.C. Sung
- 14:30~14:45 Coffee Break
P3-5 14:45~15:45 Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Bridges Dr. K.Y. Liu
B6 15:45~16:00 Coffee Break
P3-6 16:00~17:00 Inspection and Monitoring Techniques for Bridges Dr. C.C. Chen


THU October 20 (Day 4)
Session# Time Program Speaker Chairman
A4-1 09:00~10:00
Seismic Design of Foundations in Taiwan-Flexible Base Analysis
Prof. J.S. Chiou Prof. J.H. Hwang
B7 10:00~10:15 Coffee Break
A4-2 10:15~11:15 Introduction to Soil liquefaction and Prevention Works Mr. C.H. Chen
- 11:15~11:30 Coffee Break
A4-3 11:30~12:30 Introduction and Application of Seismic Passive and Semi-Active Control Dr. P.Y. Lin
L4 12:30~13:30 Lunch Break
P4-4 13:30~14:30 Earthquake Loss Estimation Technology Dr. C.T. Yang Dr. P.Y. Lin
- 14:30~14:45 Coffee Break
P4-5 14:45~15:45 Seismic Design for Structures with Isolation and Energy Dissipation systems Dr. S.J. Wang
B8 15:45~16:00 Coffee Break
P4-6 16:00~17:00 Development of the Earthquake Early Warning System Dr. P.Y. Lin
- 17:00~17:30 Closing Ceremony


October 21 (Day 5)
08:30~16:50 Visiting the 921 Earthquake Museum and Shih-Kang Dam .


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