The National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) of Repubic of China (ROC) (Taiwan) provides a variety of research programs related to earthquake engineering. These programs encompass basic research on issues about seismic design and engineering of building and bridge structures. In complying with the "International Cooperation on Research and Training Programs" of the Ministry of Science and Technology , ROC (Taiwan), a short-term training program is organized and scheduled on October 17 to 21, 2016.

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    Recent major earthquakes around the Pacific Rim such as the Northridge (USA, 1994), Kobe (Japan, 1995), Chi-Chi (Taiwan, 1999), Southern Sumatra (Indonesia, 2000), San Miguel (El Salvador, 2001), Sumatra-Andaman (Indonesia, 2004, causing the Asian Tsunami), and Tohoku (Japan, 2011, causing the tsunami and nuclear power plant accidents) etc., have caused serious life and property losses in the suffering areas. It is therefore necessary to promote the seismic design technology to mitigate the seismic hazard of the high-seismicity regions of the Pacific Rim. The training program for the researchers and practical engineers of other countries should be considered as one of the necessary actions that should be taken to approach the goal.

    The World Seismic Safety Initiation (WSSI) under the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE) has recently suggested that the economies of countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan to propose training programs related to the improvement of seismic design specifications of other countries. Therefore, a training program was organized by NCREE under the funding of the Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan for researchers and engineers from other countries.

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    The training program was first held in January 2002. Here (ITP2016) you can find the information about the last training program. Totally of 26 participants from 12 countries attended the last training program. To make the project more successful, NCREE and NCDR are assigned to host the total affairs. The project is designed in the form of short-term workshop to train the government officials and engineers from the selected countries. By those kinds of activities, the disaster-preventing technology and the earthquake-resisting ability of these countries can be largely improved to reduce the impacts and losses caused by these catastrophies.

    Two main targets are included in this project and described briefly as follows:
1. The preparation and design of the disaster-preventing and seismic material: The professional content will include the comparison of the code, the design method, the flow chart, some design examples, and other details. These relative materials can also be used as the reference for the domestic disaster-preventing institute in their practical training.

2. The host ability of the disaster-preventing and seismic workshop: By inviting the corresponding officials and engineers from the Pacific Rim to attend the workshop, the cooperation relationship can be largely improved.

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